1. State-controlled radio and some private stations are broadcasting results from individual polling stations for the two elections. They often stress these results are “unofficial”. No station heard so far is adding numbers to give a national picture.

2. The UN radio station, UNMIL Radio, ran interviews today, including with:

Senator Gary Peters, NDI observer. His top line: “At every polling place NDI visited we saw voters determined to cast their vote for Liberia’s future. It was best summed up by a voter waiting patiently in line who told me, ‘This is OUR day! I will wait as long as it takes.’’’

Oscar Bloe of the Liberian elections monitoring group, the Election Coordinating Committee (ECC). He cited delays in voting, no light in some stations and voters’ names missing from the roll. A key message was that ECC would be calling for future elections to be held in the dry season to avoid logistical problems caused by rain.


Sam Collins of the Liberian National Police reported the arrest of a man in Montsserado County who was caught with “an unspecified number of voters cards”. He was going to court today, Collins said. Someone else was arrested, and was being interrogated, for having “fake registration cards” – unclear if this meant voters’ cards.

3. NDI observation leaders Senators Ken Nnamani and Gary Peters, as well as Chris Fomunyoh, have appeared extensively on a wide variety of international and local media including BBC, Al Jazeera, China Global TV, Liberian state radio, and Liberian newspapers. Chris spoke in English, French and west African Pidgin English.

4. ECOWAS/AU joint press conference (Wednesday Oct 11).  Both organizations warmly endorsed the elections but the former Ghana President John Mahama, ECOWAS Chief observer, stressed the words “thus far”. He said this was because of his experience as an observer in Kenya. One of his aides said publicly it was a case of  “once bitten twice shy”. ECOWAS and the AU said there were problems with the voters’ roll, which should be arranged alphabetically, and with queue organisation. Both ECOWAS and AU said they recommended more female candidate participation. A reporter from Women Voices newspaper then asked why - if they were so keen on gender balance - the six people giving the press conference were all men. Mr Mahama and his colleagues then named every woman involved in the process that they could think of. A female AU observer was heard to say quietly to herself ; “Hah, this is just for show”.

5. “Unofficial results put Weah and Boakai in lead”

Bush chicken news website, October 11

6. “Liberty Party performs worse than expected – unofficial results”

Bush Chicken news website, October 11
7. Liberia: ”I wont accept anything but victory”

New Dawn, October 11

8. Why ruling party may get another mandate

The News, October 11

9. Corruption and mismanagement can be the fault of voters, too. (Editorial)

Front Page Africa, October 10
10.  Non-breaking international coverage

Africa's Best Footballer, an Ex-Warlord and a Former Model All Want to be Liberia's Next President - Newsweek. October 9
 Liberia's election closes chapter of history – but for voters, past is present - Christian Science Monitor. October 9
    Liberia’s Women Warn Male Presidential Candidates: Keep the Peace - The New York Times. October 9
    Liberia faces key poll to replace Africa’s 1st female leader - The Washington Post. October 9
    Liberian election proves strength of budding democracy in Africa - (opinion) The Hill. October 9
    Liberia faces key poll to replace Africa's 1st female leader – Associated Press via ABC News. October 9, 2017. (mentions NDI)


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